cylinder head ,cylinder liner

cylinder head – Usually removable top of piston engine cylinder containing plugs, inlet/exhaust connections and (except with sleeve valve) valves. cylinder liner – Hard abrasion-resistant lining inserted into cylinder of light alloy or other soft material.  

Cycloconverter ,cyclogiro

Cycloconverter – Elegant method of generating constantfrequency a.c., by commutating six phases of h.f. [over 1,600 Hz] to very precise 400 Hz three-phase. cyclogiro – Aerodyne, never successfully achieved, lifted and propelled by pivoted blades rotating about substantially horizontal transverse axis as in paddle steamer.  

cyclic-pitch control

Primary helicopter flight control. Usually governed by stick, similar to aeroplane control column, which in central position causes basic cyclic variation as described above by tilting stationary and rotating stars on rotor hub. Pilot demand is passed through mixing unit and output tilts fixed star in desired direction to superimpose additional cyclic variation causing disc Read more about cyclic-pitch control[…]

cyclic pitch

In most helicopters main rotor blade pitch progressively increases from minimum (a very small) angle when head-on to airstream (momentarily occupying position of wing) to maximum 180° later (when in position of wing trailing-edge-on to airstream); this makes blade fall on advancing side of rotor and rise on retreating side, effectively decreasing and increasing angle Read more about cyclic pitch[…]