1 In photography, single exposure within continuous sequence. 2 Transverse structural member of fuselage, hull, nacelle or pod, following its periphery. 3 Of engine, structural transverse diaphragm carrying main shaft bearing. 4 Picture area scanned in radar, TV, video or CRT (US = field).  

Fragmentary order, Fragmentation bomb

Fragmentary order – Abbreviated form of operation order which eliminates need for restating information contained in basic operation order (DoD). Usually a daily supplement to SOOs governing conduct of specific mission.   Fragmentation bomb – Charge contained in heavy case designed to hurl optimum fragments on bursting.  

Fractional ownership, Fractionation

Fractional ownership – Aircraft, usually bizjet, is registered to prearranged [usually small] group, each having equal allocation of annual flight time. Today there are many  variations. Fractionation  – Use of large numbers of small (nuclear) warheads, esp. in counterforce attack; hence to fractionate.  

Fractional distillation, Fractional orbit bombardment system

Fractional distillation – Heating crude petroleum to moderate temperature at atmospheric pressure and condensing different fractions separately. Fractional orbit bombardment system – ICBM initially launched into low Earth orbit, enabling warhead[s] to arrive on target from any direction.