1 Basic element in pilot training, short flight comprising takeoff and precisely executed * back to landing, if necessary ready for repeated *. In US often circular, but in UK and most other countries rectilinear, comprising takeoff, straight climbout [upwind leg] to
[typically] 300 m/1,000 ft, turn 90° [in either direction, but usually L] on to crosswind leg, second 90° turn on to downwind leg, passing airfield parallel to active runway,
third 90° turn with power off on to descending second crosswind leg [often called base leg] followed by 90° turn  on to finals. Depending on circumstances, * may be followed by immediate takeoff called touch-and-go [if the aircraft is brought to rest, called stop-and-go] for second * or by taxi back to downwind end of runway for next takeoff; * can be L-hand or R-hand. US term pattern, circle or traffic circle.
2 List of airshows [usually annual] at which particular aircraft regularly appear.
3 Closed loop of electrical conductors.


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