1 Noun and verb, final nose-up pitch of landing aeroplane to reduce rate of descent close to zero at touchdown. It starts at the point of departure from the glideslope.
2 Distance sides of planing bottom of marine float or hull flare out from centreline.
3 Pyrotechnic aerial device for signalling or illumination; parachute * illuminates large area when released at  altitude; wingtip * illuminates ground when landing.
4 Inverse taper (ie opening out) at tail of cylindrical body, as at base of rocket vehicle.
5 Eruptions from Sun’s chromosphere, which may appear within minutes and fade within an hour; eject highenergy protons, cause radio fadeouts and magnetic disturbances on Earth.
6 Fixed source of ground or water illumination, of several types, usually burning kerosene or related fuel (generally obs.).

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