Aerodynamics I

The study of the properties of moving air and the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it.External aerodynamics is the study of flow around solid objects of various shapes. Evaluating the lift and drag on an airplane or the shock waves that form in front of the nose of a rocket are examples of external aerodynamics. Internalaerodynamics is the study of flow through passages in solid objects.

Which statement relates to Bernoulli's principle?
The angle of attack at which an airplane wing stalls will
Within the mean free path of molecule, flow passes from
Which basic flight maneuver increases the load factor on an airplane is campared to the straight and level flight?
When flow passes from supersonic to subsonic state,
Which among the following is the formula for volumetric flow rate?
Which among the following is the formula for mass flow rate?
Compressible flow is a flow that deals with ______
Which among the following is an assumption of the compressible flow?
What is Mach number?
The boundary layer thickness is taken to be at a distance from the plate surface to a point at which the velocity is given by
The conditions for flow beyond the boundart layers and its outer edge are________
The end states of normal shock must ____ Fanno line.
The Prandtl Number approximates ___________
Air foils when designed to work in water are called as _________
Airfoil when passed through fluids produces ________.
Relation between angle of attack and _______ for invincible fluids is found in thin airfoil theory.
In subsonic flight air foil has a shape of round at the leading edge.
Cambered air foils generate lift at ________ angle of attack.
In air foil lift is __________ proportional to angle of attack.
Slope between lift coefficient and angle of attack in a line is __________
The exit velocity in the nozzle increases as per __________
Center of pressure lies exactly in ________ of the chord from the leading edge in a symmetrical air foil.
Aerodynamic center lies exactly at ______ on the chord from leading edge in cambered air foil.
Which aerodynamics force is known as "the resistance of air"?
In straight and level flight, unaccelerated flight, the sum of opposing forces acting on the aircraft always______.
Typically a wing is designed to stall from_____to_____resulting is more effective aileron control during stall.
Pressing down on the pedals turns the rudder. Moving the stick from side to side raises or lowers the ailerons. The rudder turns the aircraft, and one aileron goes up while the other goes down, banking the aircraft as it turns. Note that this animation only shows the yaw movement and not the banking. Which is called____?
What is the cockpit?
When are the four forces that act on an airplane in equilibrium?
What is the relaitonship between of lift, drag, thrust and weight when the airplane is in straight and level flight?
The location of CG with respect to center of lift
Stalled :
The amount of excess load that can be imposed on the wing of an airplane depends upon the:
Increase the angle of descent without increasing the airspeed.
Less stable at all speed :
If you load an aircraft tail-heavy, the center of gravity (CG) will be aft and the nose will more easily_______than if it were in forward loading configuration.
If the gauge pressure on a standard day at sea level 25 PSI, the absolute pressure is______
What is the sea level pressure?
Standard Sea level temperature is_______
At what altitude is the tropopause______
What is the approximate temperature of oxygen is in the atmosphere?
A pressure of one atmosphere is equal to_______
A barometer indicates_______
Which is the ratio of water vapour actually present in the atmosphere to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated at the prevailling temperature and pressure?
What is the absolute humidity____
What is not one of the four forces of flight?
Ambient Pressure is the pressure of the
Pressure altitude is the pressure of the
Geometry altitude is the_____
Geopotential altitude is the_____
Density altitude is the______
Which parameter cannot be computed if the pitot tube (dynamic pressure sensor) becomes clogged?
Indicated Air speed is_____

Shock wave is the_______

At higher altitudes as altitude increases, pressure
When the pressure rate half of that at sea level, what is the altitude?

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