The aircraft is made up of an airframe, specifically fuselage, booms, nacelles, cowlings, fairings, airfoil surfaces, and landing gear. There are also accessories and controls that go with these structures. A notable fact is that the rotors of a helicopter serve the same purpose as the wings of a plane, so are considered part of the helicopter's airframe, unlike the propeller of an airframe.

Fail-safe structures enable aircraft parts to be produced lighter
What is a typical cabin altitude when traveling in a jet transport aircraft
Monocoque originates from the Greek and French words respectively meaning?
What was added to a purely monocoque structure to support larger more and powerful aircraft?
At what altitude is pressurisation essential?
As a result of aircraft pressurisation, the aircraft's hull will start to lengthen and expand similar to a blown-up balloon. This is called longitudinal and hoop stresses respectively
Cabin floors are normally constructed of a ____________ design
The cargo area in a transport aircraft is normally not pressurised.
Regulation dictates that flight-deck windows are able to withstand the impact form a ____kg bird strike.
Direct vision windows double as an escape for crew during and emergency.
The construction of an aircrafts wing is centred around a main member. What is that member called?
The prestress concreBeams
d) Columnte aircraft hangers normally require free spaces for:
An example to plan aircraft hanger using prestressed concrete which is ideally suitable for large spans:
Mathematically, strain energy = ______
Select one of the factors affecting Creep ?
The inclined struts supporting the prestressed concrete ties are provided with:
The hanger provides a clear uninterrupted space of:
Another planning example of planning an aircraft hanger is Boeing hanger at santa curv airport is in:
As the side walls are independent of the roof so that the hanger can be:
Centre line method is accurate method?
Which of the following methods is also known as individual wall method?
The safe-life of an aircraft is predicated on which of the following?
Which of the following rules is known as “Prismoidal Rule”?
What are the four typical loads on an aircraft ?
The maximum shear stress in rectangular section is ____ times the average shear stress.
When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress develops on
What is the design Bond stress in plane bars intention for m25 grade concrete?
A cylinder section having no __________ is known as seamless section.
A water main of 1 m in diameter and 25 mm thick is subjected to an internal pressure of 2.5 N/mm2. Calculate the longitudinal stress induced.
A beam has triangular cross-section, having altitude” h”and base “b”. If the section is being subjected to a shear force “F”. Calculate the shear stress at the level of neutral axis in the cross section.
What appearance does ductile fracture under microscope give?
Units of U.D.L?
What is tensile stress?
A cast iron T section beam is subjected to pure bending. For maximum compressive stress to be 3 times the maximum tensile stress, centre of gravity of the section from flange side is
Runoff coefficient is denoted by _______
Latent heat of sublimation is given by
During stress distribution in end blocks the prestressing force is applied as:
The planes along with which fracture takes place in metals are known as ____________
Ductile fracture generally occurs in ____________
In what matter ductile fracture occurs?
What are the units of measurement for wooden and steel trusses?
A torsion box is used in an aircrafts wing to provide rigidity.
The cantilever folded plate roof requires significantly lower quantities of materials like:
Which philosophy adhears to the concept whereby no single structure supports the entire load?
The structural forms generally used for aircraft hangers are compiled of:
With respect the differential aileron control, which of the following is true?
In some cases of repairs of girders damaged by collision, the damage is severe what are used:
The spacing of stirrups for maximum shear stress is:
Three sections in a beam are of equal length of 100mm. All three sections are pulled axially with 50kN and due to it elongated by 0.2mm. What will be the resultant strain in the beam?
If the aircraft is yawing to the left, where would you position the trim tab on the rudder?
The effect of ___________ holes is to reduce the strength of connected plates.
The intensity of shear stress at a section is______ to the distance of the section from the axis of the shaft.
How the total strain in any body subjected to different loads at different sections can be calculated?
The tensile stresses which tend to split the concrete are placed in the transverse direction to the:
What will be the ratio of Youngs modulus to modulus of rigidity of a material having Poissons ratio 0.25?
As a subsonic aircraft speeds up, its centre of pressure
Wing spoiler, when used asymmetrically are associated with
If the aircraft is flying with the left wing low, where would you move the left aileron trim tab?
In many cases of heavily loaded girders, shear distress is observed near the
The corrosion of reinforcement due to extreme exposure is common for structure located in:

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