Aircraft System And Instruments

Flight instruments are the instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft that provide the pilot with information about the flight situation of that aircraft, such as altitude, airspeed and direction. They improve safety by allowing the pilot to fly the aircraft in level flight, and make turns, without a reference outside the aircraft such as the horizon.Visual flight rules (VFR) require an airspeed indicator, an altimeter. Instrument flight rules (IFR) additionally require a gyroscopic pitch-bank. Flight into Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) require radio navigation instruments for precise takeoffs and landings. 

For the measuring temperature of a red hot furnace, which is the most suitable instruments.....
Thermocouple is suitable for measuring....
Psychrometer determines the.....
The value of a change in frequency of the carrier wave by the modulating signal is called as?
What is the effect of distortion?
What is the frequency used by glide slope transmitter?
At what height is the auto flare initiated?
Which of the can not be measured in primary radar?
What is the reflected pulse in primary radar called?
Why are mechanical instruments retained when high tech LED displays are available?
What are the standby instruments that are combined in a Solid state integrated standby instrument?
The main reason for DVI control system in aircraft is _____________
E.m.f generated by thermocouple is of the order of______
A barometer measures the______pressure
Final control elements is....
Which of the following is false with respect to spinning rotor gyros?
Continuous measurement of specific gravity of liquid is done by______
Which of the following flow metering instrument is an areameter_______.
Which of the following is not one of the functions performed by the FMS?
Airplane employ following type of compressor_________
What does the outer loop of an autopilot do?
Which part of the transmitter subsystem modulates the baseband signal?
What is the purpose of a gyro in an inertial navigation system?
Which of the following spinning wheel gyro has an accuracy of 0.001 deg/hr?
Heavy lifting work is often accomplished by shifting fluids in big machines. The power system of such machines can be described as______.
What is the reason for choosing height error gain in such a way that the frequency of height loop is below the bandwidth of the pitch attitude loop?
It's most important for a hydraulic system to contain what?
The scientific principle that makes hydraulic systems possible is
Pneumatic and other power systems can support three kinds of motion; they are
A single acting cylinder can be pressurized externally from one direction only.
The _________ converts the compressed air energy into mechanical energy in the form of linear movement in one direction only.
A _________ restricts air flow
Which accelerometer uses torquer coil and pick off supported by a flexure to measure acceleration?
In flexure pivot accelerometer, the torque current is a measure of acceleration.
Why do accelerometers that include fluid damping exhibit reduced damping?
What is the purpose of a gyro in an inertial navigation system?
Which one of the following is the major difference between single mode and multi mode fibers?
How does the digital implementation in the FBW system reduce weight?
Which of the following cause multi path signals?
What is the altitude at which the landing must be aborted if a runway is not in sight?
What is a filter?
How are FBW signals transmitted?
How is fly by wire system implemented in an aircraft?
Which of the following is not a component of the FBW system?
FBW system requires an air data system for control and stability.
Which one of the following is a military standard data bus?
Why are both electrical and hydraulic systems are used in the same aircraft?
What type of cable is used in ARINC 629?
Why higher speed communications in parallel transmission require shorter length?
What component on an aircraft prevents a fuel tank from imploding?
In a helicopter, what component makes the aircraft induce roll movements?
A one-way valve that lets air into the reservoir of a compressor, but doesn’t let it out, is a
The airplane has three independent hydraulic systems, which provide power to_______.
A single acting cylinder can be pressurized externally from one direction only.
What component on an aircraft keeps the wheels from locking up upon landings?
Which of the following systems use a collection of radio transmitting stations to guide an aircraft to a particular runway?
What hydraulic system component separates the normal hydraulic system from the emergency system by routing all pressures and fluids to the flight control system in the event of an emergency?
Which valve controls associated pneumatic system pressure?
What are the souces of engine bleed air?
Which of the following is NOT a primary flight control?

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