Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. Avionic systems include communications, navigation, the display and management of multiple systems, and the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to perform individual functions.

The audio/tactile management system combined with FBW and automated engine control is called ________
What is the speed at which the takeoff is aborted when there is an engine failure?
The distance the aircraft has to cover in the ground to achieve takeoff speed is called?
How does the digital implementation in the FBW system reduce weight?
Satellite signals are refracted by the ionosphere.
What is the increase in velocity of the signal by the ionosphere termed as?
TEC in the ionosphere is a function of solar radiation.
What are the two principal processes of air traffic management?
Who are not required to contact the ATM for navigation?
What is the type of filter shown in the figure?

Airspeed is not an essential quantity for rotorcrafts.
Device that causes the magnitude of pressure to change when the aircraft speed nears zero are called ______
Which of the following is not one of the functions performed by the FMS?
What does the outer loop of an autopilot do?
Which of the following is the fundamental control of a common autopilot mode?
An altitude control loop does not depend on _______
What is the reason for choosing height error gain in such a way that the frequency of height loop is below the bandwidth of the pitch attitude loop?
Which one of the following can provide a reliable and accurate approach path guidance in category II visibility conditions?
What are the two main components of an ILS on the ground?
What does the following figure represent?

Which of the following does not come under air data computer?
Which system has replaced the CADC by using smaller and cheaper microprocessors?
Which of the following is not an advantage of distributed air data system?
Why is digital data not easily affected by noise?
What is the frequency used by the localizer transmitter?
When does an ILS localizer coupling loop become unstable?
What is the frequency used by the glide slope transmitter?
What is the velocity at the start of flare maneuver if the approach speed is 130 knots?
Under what category does zero visibility conditions come?
The use of autopilot for landing using ILS does not depend on _______
What is DH?
What is the frequency of marker beacon transmission?
What type of controller is used in an auto flare control?
Which type of rebalancing technique use voltage applied to pendulum and electrode for correction?
Which of the following instruments use the pitot-static probe for its input?
What is the beam error in localizer for aircraft CG displacement of 5m at a range of 1,500m?
The guidance sensitivity decreases as the range decreases
What is the difference between the static pressure and the stagnation pressure when the aircraft is stationary?
What does silicon accelerometers use for proof mass sensing and for rebalancing?
OLED display is better than LED because ________
At supersonic speeds, a normal pitot tube cannot be used for speed measurements.
The impact pressure and the dynamic pressure are the same.
Which is the optimum place for a temperature probe?
What is the weight the pilot will feel on his head while executing a 9g maneuver with an HMD helmet of weight 800g?
Which of the following is not true with respect to HMD (Helmet Mounted Display)?
Which of the following are not controlled by the HUD processor?
What is the reason for using CRT used instead of LCD or LED displays?
Which one of the following is not an essential factor in integrating the HMD with the helmet?
Which of the following causes a “burble” at the threshold and along the glide path?
Why is heave motion of the carrier not corrected in the FLOLS?
Which does not affect the inertial forces felt by the pilot when accelerating or decelerating?
Monocular rivalry occurs due to the brain trying to concentrate on _________
In what type of display is the image projected directly to the retina of the pilot?
Which of the following ensures standardization of ATM services worldwide?
What type of satellite TV service uses compressed data transmission to beam signals directly to every home?
Who are not required to contact the ATM for navigation?
How is fly by wire system implemented in an aircraft?
Which of the following is not a component of the FBW system?
In digital systems, analog signals are first digitized with PCM converters before modulation.
What is the primary use of communication satellites?

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