Control engineering or control systems engineering is an engineering discipline that applies automatic control theory to design systemswith desired behaviors in control environments. The discipline of controls overlaps and is usually taught along with electrical engineering at many institutions . 

Which of the following is an example of an open loop system?
An object stationary or moving in a uniform motion w.r.t A will appear to be traveling in a straight path w.r.t B. This apparent path is attributed to Coriolis acceleration.
The lagrangian is defined as:
In case of DC servomotor, the back emf is equivalent to an “electric friction” which tends to:
Assertion (A): DC servomotors are more commonly used in armature controlled mode than field controlled mode.
Reason (R): Armature controlled Dc motors have higher starting torque than fiels controlled motors.
Gear train in the motor is used to reduce the gear ratio?
For a tachometer, if a(t) is the rotor displacement, e(t) is the output voltage and K is the tachometer constant, then the transfer function is given by:
Tachometer feedback in a D.C. position control system enhances stability?
Backlash in a stable control system may cause:
The below figure represents:
The output of an first order hold between two consecutive sampling instants is:
Consider a simple mass spring friction system as given in the figure K1, K2 are spring constants f-friction, M-Mass, F-Force, x-Displacement. The transfer function X(s)/F(s) of the given system will be :
For the block diagram given in the following figure, the expression of C/R is:

The transfer function from D(s) to Y(s) is :

The overall transfer function from block diagram reduction for cascaded blocks is :
The overall transfer function of two blocks in parallel are :
Transfer function of the system is defined as the ratio of Laplace output to Laplace input considering initial conditions________
In the following block diagram, G1=10/s G2=10/s+1 H1=s+3, H2=1. The overall transfer function is given by :

Oscillations in output response is due to :
Use mason’s gain formula to find the transfer function of the given signal flow graph:

Use mason’s gain formula to find the transfer function of the following signal flow graph:

Loop which do not possess any common node are said to be ___________ loops.
Which of the following is not the correct reason to select feedback compensation over cascaded one?
The transfer function of a phase-lead controller is given by
Given a unity feedback control system with G (s) = K/s(s+4), the value of K for which the damping ratio is 0.5.
The LVDT is used in the measurement of:
A system with gain margin close to unity and phase margin close to zero is :
Consider a system if represented by state space equation and x1 (t) =x2 (t), then the
A transfer function of the system does not have pole-zero cancellation? Which of the following statements is true?
Complex conjugate pair:
A.C. servomotor resembles
Two sequences x1 (n) and x2 (n) are related by x2 (n) = x1 (- n). In the z- domain, their ROC’s are
Which one of the following is the correct statement? The region of convergence of z-transform of x[n] consists of the values of z for which x[n] is:
The region of convergence of the z-transform of a unit step function is:
Z and Laplace transform are related by:
The scientific principle that makes hydraulic systems possible is
Proportional controller:
Operations performed by pneumatic controllers:
Operations performed by hydraulic controllers:
The calculation in multistage process must always start from the first stage :
Operations performed by electronic controllers:
What is the effect of phase lag compensation on the performance of a servo system?
Fuzzy logic is :
Electrical time-constant of an armature-controlled dc servomotor is :
The unit impulse response of a system having transfer function K/(s+a) is shown below. The value of a is :

The principle of invariant imbedding is :
The optimal control at each state is ________ combination of states.
If a first order system and its time response to a unit step are as shown below, the gain K is :

Derivative error compensation:
In a stable control system backlash can cause which of the following?
PD controller is used to compensate system. Compared to the uncompensated system, the compensated system has:
Feedback is :
P+D controller:
In an automatic control system which of the following elements is not used?
Signal flow graphs:
Signal flow graphs are reliable to find transfer function than block diagram reduction technique.
The type 2 system has at the origin.
In a control system integral error compensation _______ steady state error
With feedback _____ reduces.
Which of the following should be done to make an unstable system stable?

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