Data Structures

A data structure is a Specific way to store and organize data in a computer's memory so that these data can be used efficiently later. Data may be arranged in many different ways such as the logical or mathematical model for a particular organization of data is termed as a data structure. The variety of a specific data model depends on the two factors - Firstly, it must be loaded enough in structure to reflect the actual relationships of the data with the real world object. Secondly, the formation should be simple enough so that anyone can efficiently process the data each time it is necessary.

Which of these best describes an array?
How do you initialize an array in C?
How do you instantiate an array in Java?
When does the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occur?
Which of the following concepts make extensive use of arrays?
What are the advantages of arrays?
Process of inserting an element in stack is called ____________
Consider the usual algorithm for determining whether a sequence of parentheses is balanced.
The maximum number of parentheses that appear on the stack AT ANY ONE TIME when the algorithm analyzes: (()(())(())) are:
Here is an infix expression: 4 + 3*(6*3-12). Suppose that we are using the usual stack algorithm to convert the expression from infix to postfix notation.
The maximum number of symbols that will appear on the stack AT ONE TIME during the conversion of this expression?
Which of the following applications may use a stack?
A linear list of elements in which deletion can be done from one end (front) and insertion can take place only at the other end (rear) is known as a ?
The data structure required for Breadth First Traversal on a graph is?
A queue is a ?
If the elements “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” are placed in a queue and are deleted one at a time, in what order will they be removed?
A data structure in which elements can be inserted or deleted at/from both the ends but not in the middle is?
What kind of linked list is best to answer question like “What is the item at position n?”
Linked list is considered as an example of ___________ type of memory allocation.
In Linked List implementation, a node carries information regarding
Which of the following points is/are true about Linked List data structure when it is compared with array
Which of the following sorting algorithms can be used to sort a random linked list with minimum time complexity?
What are splay trees?
Which of the following is false about a doubly linked list?
What is a memory efficient double linked list?
How do you calculate the pointer difference in a memory efficient double linked list?
What is the time complexity of inserting a node in a doubly linked list?
What differentiates a circular linked list from a normal linked list?
Which of the following application makes use of a circular linked list?
Consider a small circular linked list. How to detect the presence of cycles in this list effectively?
What is the time complexity for converting decimal to binary numbers?
Which data structure can be used suitably to solve the Tower of Hanoi problem?
Which among the following is not a palindrome?
Which data structure can be used to test a palindrome?
What is the number of moves required in the Tower of Hanoi problem for k disks?
Which of the following real world scenarios would you associate with a stack data structure?
What does ‘stack underflow’ refer to?
What is the time complexity of pop() operation when the stack is implemented using an array?
Which of the following statements are correct with respect to Singly Linked List(SLL) and Doubly Linked List(DLL)?
What is an AVL tree?
Minimum number of queues to implement stack is ___________
What is a bit array?
Which of the following is an advantage of bit array?
Which class in Java can be used to represent bit array?
What is a dynamic array?
How will you implement dynamic arrays in Java?
What are parallel arrays?
What are the advantages of parallel arrays over the traditional arrays?
What is a sparse array?
What are the advantages of sparse matrices over normal matrices?
Which of the following property does not hold for matrix multiplication?
Which of the following are the uses of matrices?
What is a skip list?
Skip lists are similar to which of the following datastructure?
What is xor linked list ?
Free lists are used in
What are implicit and explicit implementations of freelists?
What are the important properties of xor lists
Binary trees can have how many children?
If the tree is not a complete binary tree then what changes can be made for easy access of children of a node in the array ?
For the tree below, write the pre-order traversal.
For the tree below, write the in-order traversal.
For the tree below, write the level-order traversal.
What is a complete binary tree?
The number of edges from the root to the node is called __________ of the tree.
Which of the following is false about a binary search tree?
What are the conditions for an optimal binary search tree and what is its advantage?
Is it true that splay trees have O(logn) amortized complexity ?
What is a Cartesian tree?
After applying the below operations on a input sequence, what happens?
i. construct a cartesian tree for input sequence
ii. put the root element of above tree in a priority queue
iii. if( priority queue is not empty) then
.search and delete minimum value in priority queue
.add that to output
.add cartesian tree children of above node to priority queue
When it would be optimal to prefer Red-black trees over AVL trees?
What is a weight balanced tree?
What are the operations that can be performed on weight balanced tree?
What is the special property of red-black trees and what root should always be?
The null left pointer pointing to predecessor and null right pointer pointing to successor. how many types of threaded tree are possible with this convention?
What is a threaded binary tree traversal?
Heap exhibits the property of a binary tree?
What is the space complexity of searching in a heap?
Heap can be used as ________________
What is the other name of weak heap?
Choose the correct properties of weak-heap.
What is a hash table?
The main distinguishable characterstic of a binomial heap from a binary heap is that
What is direct addressing?
Which of the following is true?
What would be the number of zeros in the adjacency matrix of the given graph?
Adjacency matrix of all graphs are symmetric.
If there are more than 1 topological sorting of a DAG is possible, which of the following is true.
Which of the following statement is true.
Which of the following logical operation can be implemented by polynomial time graph manipulation algorithms using Binary Decision Diagrams?
In which of the following case does a Propositional Directed Acyclic Graph is used for?
What is a randomized QuickSort?
Where is linear searching used?
What is the advantage of bubble sort over other sorting techniques?
What is the advantage of recursive approach than an iterative approach?
When the topological sort of a graph is unique?
When is the uniform binary search an optimization over the usual binary search?
Which algorithmic technique does Fibonacci search use?
What is the advantage of selection sort over other sorting techniques?
In recursion, the condition for which the function will stop calling itself is ____________
Recursion is a method in which the solution of a problem depends on ____________
Which of the following statements is true?
Which of the following problems can be solved using recursion?

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