Elements Of Aeronautics

Aeronautics is the technique of designing an airplane or other flying machine. In order to design a plane it is essential for engineers or engineering students to understand the four most vital areas or elements and which includes aerodynamics, propulsion, materials and structures and stability and control.

How is strong magnetic field in a solenoid achieved ?
Why are actuators used in FBW systems?
Rotary motion in a hydraulic power unit is achieved by using
A High Bypass Turbofan engine has what?
Select one of the factors affecting Creep ?
Piston pumps are self priming.
Which of the following statements is true?
Ability of material to deform under tensile stress is called
A material which breaks without deformation when stress is applied called
Stress at which material begin to deform plastically called
During plastic deformation, load carrying capacity of material increases due to
If Ao is initial cross-sectional area of specimen and Ab is minimum cross-sectional area at rupture then percent reduction in area is equal to
The term 'angle of attack' is defined as the angle between the
Select four fundamental flight involved in maneuvering in aircraft
If p is hydrostatic pressure and k is bulk modulus, Dilatation e is equal to
Highest stress for which Hooke's law is applicable for given material is called
Shear strain in shaft subjected to torsion is inversely proportional to
What engine component regulates fuel to the engine?
What are the purpose of the fuel manifolds?
What engine component delivers extra thrust without the use of additional fuel?
What is a dry sump oil tank?
Which of the following is used to help prevent ice from forming on an aircraft?
What happens when thermosetting polymers are heated?
As air colder, the servive ceiling of an aircraft
Typically, a wing is designed to stall from ___ to ___, resulting in more effective aileron control during stall.
Lowering flaps increases :
What are the four four typical loads on an aircraft?
Pressure decreases______
A material can return to normal after it has been deformed due to its elasticity.
The acute angle between the chord line of the wing and the direction of the relative wind is the _____.
The speed of the reciprocating pump is generally measured in ______
How is fly by wire system implemented in an aircraft?
Which one of the following is not true with respect to the FBW system?
FBW system requires an air data system for control and stability.
Why are actuators used in FBW systems?
Which of the following is not an advantage of using a digital data bus?
Overlapping of signals in pneumatic systems can be avoided by using
The four forces acting on an airplance in flight are_____
When does P-factor cause the airplane to yaw to the left?
Which statement relatives to Bernoulli's principle?
What force makes an airplane turn?
Lift is_____
The angle of attack at which an airplane wing stalls will_____
What are the basic sections of a jet engine?
Skin friction_____
Drag is______
Which of the following is used as a components in hydraulic power unit?
Which of the following is used as an necessary hydraulic power unit?
How is proximity switch differentiated from limit switch?
Which single-engine aircraft company has sold more plane than any other?
Why are both electrical and hydraulic systems are used in the same aircraft?
Which of the following statements is true for cascade method which is used to draw a pneumatic circuit?
In which circuits, relay of low voltage and low current is used to make open or close contact?
What is the DC range of of solenoids in pneumatic systems?
In electropneumatic circuits,
The Wright brothers flew the first airplane in what year?
There were racing gas balloon for the 1900 Olympic games.
Which is considered one of the most successful flighter plane in history?
Unit of polar moment of inertia is
Negative ratio of transverse to axial strain is called

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