Experimental Aerodynamics

Experimental aerodynamics is to understand the physics of complex flow phenomena and to generate aerodynamic data for the development of advanced aerodynamic design concepts and flow models. Experimental Aerodynamics provides an up to date study of this key area of aeronautical engineering. The field has undergone significant evolution with the development of 3D techniques, data processing methods, and the conjugation of simultaneous measurements of multiple quantities.

Piezometer is used to measure the pressure of a
Piezometer is used to measure
A manometer is used to measure the pressure of a
A manometer is used to measure the pressure of a
A differential manometer is used to measure the pressure of a
U-tube manometer is used to measure the pressure of a
A inverted tube manometer is used to measure the pressure difference between two points of a
A Bourdon tube pressure gauge measures
Which of the following is a mechanical gauge
The simplest form of manometer used for measuring moderate pressures is
Bernoulli’s equation cannot be applied when the flow is
Streamline and equipotential lines in a flow field
Relative density of mercury is
Anemometer is used to measure
A flow is called super-sonic if the
If the Reynolds number is less than 2000, the flow in a pipe is
A Newtonian fluid is defined as the fluid which
Property of fluid that describes its internal resistance is known as:
The unit of pressure one bar is
The location of the centre of pressure over a surface immersed in a liquid is
In pipe flow the critical Reynolds number is about
The continuity equation is the result of application of the following law to the flow field
Reynolds number signifies the ratio of
Which fluid does not experience shearing stress during flow?
Which of the following devices convert pressure to displacement?
What is the SI unit of impulse?
Measurement which is close to true value is
Which of the following is detected using manometer devices?
The time taken to empty the tank is independent of Cd but depends only on the height and acceleration due to gravity.
Which of the following applications are suited for thin plate diaphragms?
Which of the following conversion take place in bourdon tubes?
The strain gauge is not bonded to the specimen.
Electrical strain gauge works on the principle of __________
With an increase in temperature of a semiconductor, resistance of semiconductor.
Bonding element in a strain gauge must have __________
Displacement to pressure systems are used for measuring ___________
The foregoing is a rather general description of the formation of
The formation of the photoelastic pattern has been described as a case of
Aerodynamic Parameter Estimation is achieved using:
Dynamic strain measurements use __________
____________light (horizontal) passes through the region between polarizer and analyzer.
Basically a potentiometer is a device for
In order to achieve high accuracy, the slide wire of a potentiometer should be
The stator of phase shifting transformer for use in conjunction with an A.C. potentiometer usually has a
If vibrations of a string are to be increased by a factor 2, tension in the string must be made
The frequency of a tuning fork is 256. It will not resonate with a fork of frequency
If all particle of fluid has a path parallel to wall, it is known as ____________
Static vane system causes pressure loss in flow.
Neural Networks are complex ______________ with many parameters.
Density of air in standard atmosphere at sea level is :
Euler's equation is a form of
In an incompressible flow,
Underground excavations for carrying pipes, sewage etc. fall under which type?
Type of hydropower tunnel where water is conveyed under high pressure to turbines is
Subway and tube railways are studied under which type of tunnels?
The underground routes or passages driven through the ground without disturbing overlying soil cover are called
Tunnels associated with hydropower generation are called
A small shear force is applied on an element and then removed. If the element regains it’s original position, what kind of an element can it be?
In which type of matter, one won’t find a free surface?
The equation for impulse is_______

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