Fluid Mechanics And Machinery

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery features exhaustive coverage of the essential concepts of the mechanics of fluids, both static and dynamic. It also provides an overview of the design and operation of various hydraulic machines such as pumps and turbines.

Which among the following cannot be used as an alternative term for a “solenoidal vector field”?
Navier- Stokes equation describes the motion of
Froude number depends upon_____
What is the Mach number at room temperature?
Ratio of duct length to width length in a compressibel flow is a______
The fluid speed through the nozzle is altered with_____
What happens to velocity in the diverging duct?
Find the kinematic viscosity of oil having density 1962 g/m3. the force experienced for area of 20 m2 is 4.904 kN and velocity of gradient at that point is 0.2/s
The velocity distribution for fluid flow over a flat plate is given by u=2y-6y2 in which u is the velocity in metre per second at a distance of y metre above the plate. Determine the shear stress at y=0.15m.Take dynamic viscosity of fluid as 8.6 poise.
A beaker contains water up to a certain height as shown. If the water is allowed to get discharged through a small pipe (of a uniform diameter), what type of flow will it be in the pipe?

What type of flow can be taken for granted in a pipe of a uniform cross-section?
Which of the following is true?
Capillarity fall is reduced if we take the appartus (capillary tube immersed in fluid having acute angle of contact) considerable distance inside the earth( i.e below the earth crust).
The swirl caused due to eddies are called as____
The flow of fluid along curvillinear or curved path is known as_____
When external torque is absent the type of vortex flow is
Maximum achievable velocity of a gas is directly proportional to_____
Which among the following is a device that converts a laminar flow into a turbulent flow?
Boundary layer seperation does not undergo detachment?
With the boundary layer separation, displacement thickness________
What is the unit for flow rate of gases?
What are the assumptions made for a fluid flow through a pipe?
A soap film is trapped between a frame and a wire of length 10 cm as shown in figure.

If the surface tension is given as 0.0049 N/m, what will be the value of m (in mg) such that the wire remains in equilibrium?
What is D’Alembert’s Paradox?
Continuum mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with________
The drag coefficient of a complete structure such as an aircraft include____
Pump converts mechanical energy into ________
The Navier- Stokes equation can be used in which of the following applications?
Which is following a high pressure pump?
Which of following is not a dimensionless number?
How do we measure flow rate of liquid?
Skin friction acts on the components of____
For a streamlined body to achieve low drag coefficient, the boundary layer must____
Which among the following is not an example of magneto fluid?
What is the incompressibility condition in Navier-Stokes equation?
The viscous force the relative motion between the adjacent layers of a fluid in motion. Which one of the flowing fits best in the sentence?
Which one of the following is the CGS unit of dynamic viscosity?
What type of flow is obtained by superimposing two definite flow types{( considering ideal condition)
The principle of floatation of bodies is based on the premise of
Which one of the following is not a unit of dynamics viscosity?
Which of the following correctly states how the viscosities of a liquid and a gas will change with temperature?
A soap bubble of d mm diameter is observed inside a bucket of water. If the pressure inside the bubble is 0.075 N/cm2, what will be the value of d? (Take surface tension as 0.075 N/m)
The metacentric height is affected by the change in density.
A uniform body of size 4 m long * 2.5 m wide * 1.5 m deep floats in water. What is the weight of the body if depth of immersion is 1 m ?
The nature of streamlines in a flow net obtained by the combination of source and sink is___
Potential lines for the source-sink pair will be eccentric non intersecting circles with their centers on the axis
What is the term used for a case where source and sink( both of them are of equal magnitude) approach each other such, distance between them reduces and product of distance and discharge magnitude remains constant
What is the characteristic of stagnation point
Which one of the following is unit of specific weight?
Two fluids 1 and 2 have mass densities of p1 and p2 respectively. If p1 > p2, which one of the following expressions will represent the relation between their specific volumes v1 and v2?
We can draw Mohr’s circle for a fluid at rest
In the equation for steam function due to source steam function is inversely proportional to magnitude at discharge
Stream of doublet flow are family of circles tangent to a common axis?
A beaker is filled with a liquid up to the mark of one litre and weighed. The weight of the liquid is found to be 6.5 N. The specific weight of the liquid will be
The specific gravity of liquid has__
The specific volume of a liquid is the reciprocal of___
Which among the following is the correct formula to find out the shear modulus(G)?
Which among the following is a formula for shear stress?
Hooke’s law is applicable within what limit?
The Prandtl Number approximates ____

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