Finite Element Methods

The finite element method (FEM), is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics. Typical problem areas of interest include structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport, and electromagnetic potential.

The number of shape function will be equal to the number of
Heat transfer takes place due to________
LST element contains________nodes.
Axis symmetric element is____element
Nodal point greater than geometry point is known as____________
Iso-parametric element is_____________element
Based below condition which is a serendipity triangular element______
__________problems depends on vertical deflection
A deformable system is in equilibrium, if the first variation in the total P.E of the system is zero refers to
In case of truss member if there are 3 nodes and each nodes 2 DOF, then the order of stiffness matrix is_________.
In CST element__________is constant.
If the geometry and field displacement variable of the elements are described by the same shape function, then these element are called ________.
A triangular plane stress elements has____________degree's of freedom
On gathering stiffness and loads, the system of equation given by
What is the value of discrete time signal x(n) at n=0 whose Fourier transform is represented as below?
If cx(n) is the complex cepstrum sequence obtained from the inverse Fourier transform of ln X(ω), then what is the expression for cθ(n)?

The degree of the B-spline with varying knot vectors
What is the period of the Fourier transform X(ω) of the signal x(n)?
FEA software is categories of_________
Your new question!
What are the types of loading acting on the structure?
Euler’s Criterion can find the solution to x2 ≡ a (mod n)
The value ‘n’ in classless addressing is referred to as –
Which of the following is introduced in the frequency sampling realization of the FIR filter?
Initial Graphic Exchange Specification (IGES) is:
Which of the following is not a modeling kernel used by many solid modeling software packages?
FEM can not produce exact result as those of___________methods.
What is the average power of the discrete time periodic signal x(n) with period N ?

The Fourier series for the signal x(n)=cos√2πn exists.
Which of the following 3D modeling methods cannot be shaded to look like a realistic object?
The least attractive feature of a physical model/prototype in the refinement phase is:
What are the Fourier series coefficients for the signal x(n)=cosπn/3?
Which of the following represents the phase associated with the frequency component of discrete-time Fourier series(DTFS)?
C” continuity refers to:
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Convex hull property is satisfied by the following surface:
FEM gives accurate representation of
What is the equation for average power of discrete time periodic signal x(n) with period N in terms of Fourier series coefficient ck?

Finite element method is also called
A particular class of numerical simulation algorithms for simulation of physical phenomena which was developed by combining mesh free methods with finite element method is
FEM that combines adaptively, elements with variable size h, polynomial degree of local approximations p and global differentiability of local approximations (k-1) in order to achieve best convergence rates is
Numerical algorithms are based on
To solve FEM problem, it subdivides a large problem into smaller, simpler parts that are called
A type of finite element method in which extra independent variables are introduced as nodal variables during discretization of a partial differential equation problem is called
The fixed support displacement are equal to____________
The higher order element are also called as
Number of displacement polynomial used for an element depends on______
In weighted residual technique, the method adopted are________
Finite element method formulation of problem results in a system of
The eight node quadrilateral elements belongs to___________family of elemets.
Range of poisson's ratio for metal is
FEM also operates the parameters like
What is the Fourier transform X(ω) of a finite energy discrete time signal x(n)

At fixed support the displacement are equal to_________
Sum of all shape function is equal to__________
The geometrical and other parameter of an element in term of only one spatial coordinate then element is__________.
In choosing the right modeling method, which of the following is a key consideration?
Which of the following is the least likely to benefit from solid modeling?
Wireframe modeling software has the following advantage over solid modeling software:
Which of the following is not a basic method to create a surface model?

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