Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing engineering or manufacturing process are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. Develop tools, implement designs, or integrate machinery, equipment, or computer technologies to ensure effective manufacturing processes. Recommend technical design or process changes to improve efficiency, quality, or performance.

A thin metallic wire used in wire-cut EDM is kept submerged in a tank of _____
Which of the following is not used in electromagnetic forming process?
In EMF process, eddy currents are induced in a conductive workpiece.
The maximum pressure applied by the compression coil is approximately_________
lectromagnetic forming is rarely used to form tubular shapes.
The die used in electromagnetic process should be made of material with _________________
The EMF process allows increased ductility for______________ alloys.
Tooling for EMF process is relatively inexpensive.
The depth that the tool is plunged into the surface is called as ______
Which of the following is the advantage of shaping process?
Clapper block is connected to the clapper box by means of hinge pin.
MRR increases with abrasive flow rate increase.
Which of the following metal forming processes performs squeezing out of material through a hole?
Which of the following manufacturing processes is mainly considered for producing the components of very high strength?
In metal forging process, the gravity drop hammers are operated by a ram using steam or pressurized air.
Which of the following components are manufactured by the sheet metal forming process?
Wastage of material in powder metallurgy as scrap is
Complex shape can be formed effectively using
Range of particle size in powder to be used for powder metallurgy in microns should vary from
Formation of metal powder to use in powder metallurgy by reducing some compound with CO or other molecules is known as
Production of pure powder of iron and copper can be effectively done using
Powder of various ferrous and non ferrous material which becomes brittle on heating, can be formed using
Compound rest swiveling method in taper turning operation is most suitable for
In which of the following, tail stock method of taper turning operation will be preferred more?
Casting provides uniform directional properties?
Which of the following is a metal shaping process?
Which of the following is not surface finishing process?
In an automobile engine, up to what percent of part are manufactured by casting?
Thread rolling process cannot maintain accuracy in producing the threads during the operation.
Thread rolling enables the thread to withstand high tensile and fatigue loads.
How is the die used in injection molding cooled?
How does the piston in the clamping unit move?
Where does the granular molding material get loaded into?
Quenching medium is decided on the basis of___
What will be the indexing to cut 30 teeth on a gear using simple indexing method?
The metal forging operation can only be performed by manual means.
The Specimen geometry has no part in controlling the rate of grain grwoth.
The stabilization of fine grain size during heating at high temperature____
At the high temperature normally associated with annealing____
The presence of foreign particles___

If a grain has 6 boundaries, the structure will be____
Grain cells having number of sides____have grain walls which are concave inwards
Grain boundary migration occurs to_____
The phenomenon of formation of grain boundary of much lower surface energy than that of the average boundary is known as
The boundary atoms in the Crystal on the____ of the boundary are more tightly bound than the boundary atoms in crystal in the
For which of the following purposes, annealing is not done?
In the final stage of full annealing, a steel component is cooled____
Isothermal annealing is primarily used for____

Metal grain boundaries differ from soap films.
Isothermal annealing requires less time then that for full annealing
Isothermal annealing is done in____ steps
hobbing process is also used for which of the following application?
Hopping is a special type of which of the following?
In the process of gear cutting by hobbing, between the hob's spindle axis and the workpiece's spindle axis is fixed
The spur gear manufacturing, angle between hob's spindle axis and the workpiece's spindle Axis should be equal to_____
For helical gears, the angle between hub's spindle axis and the workpiece spindle axis must be_____as the Helix angle of the helical gear.
Hobbing machines are characterised by
Which of the following is the advantage of shaping process?
What is the purpose of the RAM in shaping machine?
What will be the cutting time for machining the workpiece of width 1000 mm when the bull wheel is rotating at 150 RPM with feed of 2 mm per stroke?

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