The propulsion of a rocket includes all of the parts which make up the rocket engine; the tanks pumps, propellants, power head, and rocket nozzle . The function of the propulsion system is to produce thrust. Thrust is the force which moves a rocket through the air and through space.

The percentage increases in power consumption of a compressor with suction side air filter and with the presure drop across the filter of 200 mm Wc is____
Reduction in the delivery pressure of a Compressor working at 7 bar, by 1 bar would reduce the power consumption by
Identify the correct statement for air compressors.
Which of the following statement is "True" for centrifugal compressors?
The likely estimate on equivalent power wastage for a leakage from 7 bar compressed air system through 1.6 mm orifice size is____
The acceptable pressure drop at the farthest point in main header of an industrial compressor air network is____
What is the use of intercooler in a 2-stage compressor?
Gas turbine are suitable for aircraft propulsion because
In working condition of turbojet engine, velocity of air entering the engine is
The amount of heat energy liberated by complete combustion of unit of mass of a fuel is known as
Mean Effective pressure is___
What is the purpose of "fins" which are arranged about the cylinder and cylinder head of an air-cooled engine?
Which among the following engine is NOT the type of aircraft gas turbine which works on jet propulsing cycle?
Why do airplanes fly at higher altitude during the long flights?
For every 4°C raise in air inlet temperature of an air compressor, the power consumption will
increases by_____
The propulsive efficiency is the ratio of
In turbofan engine, fan is used
In turbofan engine, the bypass ratio is the ratio of
Specific impulse is_____
For minimum work input to the compressor, the compression law followed is
Direct fuel injection is often used in aero piston engine, in preference to float chamber carburetor. Which of these statements applies to the direct fuel injection system?
In this diagram of a simple,

carburetor, which arrow (W,X,Y and Z) point to the main jet?
In the modified 4-stroke cycle, ignition take place:
Which of these is a turbojet engine?
The specific power consumption of non lubricated compressor compared to lubricated type is ____
Vertical type reciprocating compressor are used in the capacity range of
The compressor capacity of a reciprocating compressor is directly proportional to
When flying at high altitudes,
The propulsive efficiency is given by
The byebass ratio is the ratio of
We cannot use regenerators and intercoolers on aircraft engines.
The discharge temperature of two stage compressor compared to single stage one is ____
The indicated per unit mass of air delivered is
The volumetric efficiency of the compressor_____with the increase in altitude of place.
The ratio of isothermal power to actual measured input power of a compressor is known as
The compression ratio of axial flow compressor are____
In the ideal case, turbine work is greater than compressor work
The thrust developed in turbojet engine is the
_______is the most efficient method of compressing air
The ratio of indicated power to shaft-power is known as_____efficiency
At high altitude a compressor will draw
The absolute pressure of air at the outlet of the compressore is called_____pressure
The compressor is mostly used for supercharging I.C engines?
What is the best method of controlling during peek load periods?
Slip factor for a centrifugal impeller with radial vanes is the ratio of
In a compressor the phenomenan of suging refers to
An axial flow compressor_____as compared to centrifugal compressor
Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding multistage compression
Isothermal compression efficiency can be approached by using_____even when compressor is running at high speed
The type of aircraft gas turbines include
Which of the following statement is true?
Gas turbines are used in aircraft propulsion because
With suction pressure being atmospheric, increase in delivery pressure with fixed clearance volume
The processes in compressor, turbine, diffuser and nozzle are
Why is the clearance volume in reciprocating air compressor provided?
The volumetric efficiency of an air compressor is the ratio of
On which of the following does the pressure in the centrifugal air compressor depends upon?
Intercooling in multistage compressor is done
Intake air filter are provided on compressor
The basic function of air dryer in a compressor is:
In multistage reciprocating air compressor the compression will be isothermal, if
In an aircraft propeller system the function of the constant speed unit (CSU) is to:
When the air flow over the propeller blades of a failed engine keeps the propeller turning, this known as:
"Blade twist" in a propeller helps to:
For which of these application is the turboshaft engine most suited?
Which of these statement refers to turbo-charger? They are:

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