Aerospace Engineering Aircraft Design Mars

Dr. Daniel Raymer

Dr. Daniel Raymer About the Presenter: Daniel P. Raymer is President of the design and consulting company, Conceptual Research Corporation. He is a recognized expert in the areas of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Configuration Layout, Computer-aided Design Methodologies and Design Education. Dr. Raymer is an AIAA Fellow and the 2010 recipient of the AIAA […]

Aerospace Engineering ISRO Lectures Orbital Mechanics Rocket Propulsion

Nitish Shrimal

Shri. Nitish Shrimal An enthusiastic and highly motivated professional, working as Scientist/Engineer SC in ISRO, having Graduation in Aerospace Engineering. Currently working in Pressure Fed Engines and Testing Group at Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Kerala, ISRO. Have realised and tested satellite thrusters for ISRO’s PSLV, GSLV and Chandrayaan 2 mission programs. Nitish Shrimal has written […]

Aeronautical Society of India Aerospace Engineering IIT Bombay NACDEC

NACDEC | National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition | AESI – Mumbai

NACDEC 2020 National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition 2020 organized by Aeronautical Society of India – Mumbai Dr. Rajkumar S. Pant, Professor of Aerospace Engineering – IIT Bombay acted as convener for the competition titled “National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition 2020” organized by Aeronautical Society of India – Mumbai Branch. This is one of the India’s […]

Aerospace Engineering DRDO Hypersonics


DRDO – HSTDV Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully demonstrated the hypersonic air-breathing scramjet technology with the flight test of Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HSTDV) at 1103 hours from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Launch Complex at Wheeler Island, off the coast of Odisha today. Source: PIB – India The hypersonic cruise vehicle was […]

Aerospace Engineering IIT Madras Lectures

Dr. Satya Chakravarthy

Dr. Satya Chakravarthy T.E.M.S Era – WINGS OF AERO is organizing a lecture titled “Ubiquitous Flying” which will be delivered by Dr. Satya Chakravarthy. Coordinator – Aarthi Prabha, Technical Moderator – WINGS OF AERO Date: 15 September 2020 | Time: 04.00 PM [IST] Download E-certificate at Presenter: Satya Chakravarthy is a Professor of […]

History of Aviation

Oldest human flight story in the history of aerospace

According to Greek Myth, the Icarus and Daedalus are the one who flown using wings across an ocean. Daedalus is a king and Icarus is king’s son. Enemy captured both King and Prince and imprisoned in an island. The King and the Prince collected birds feather, cloths and some wooden materials. Daedalus designed and fabricated […]