Aishwarya Brahmane

New innovations in aerospace – Aishwarya Brahmane

Article by Ms. Aishwarya Brahmane

Aerospace industry is evolving in a very promising way. Many aerospace companies are working towards using novel advanced technology in their aircrafts. Indubitably this industry is going to thrive in the next coming years. Aerospace sector is going to have very bright future ahead and certainly many people will reap the benefits as well. Engineers are constantly striving to make the aircraft lighter and hence research is going on composite materials that can be used in place of the materials already used.

Many space research organizations are making use of super alloys, stainless steel in their rockets to make it lighter and resilient to high temperatures. We really cannot envisage in what type of aircraft we would be sitting in the near future because the technology is evolving so swiftly. There is an uphill competition between the aerospace companies in bringing out the best and presenting it to the world. The future is yet to arrive but it is forthcoming.

We may have wings in the aircraft which can move forward and backward. We had not dreamt of flying in the sky but wright brothers realized that dream into actuality. So, nothing is impossible now and just innovation in our outlook will make this happen. Because of the progressive technology we are able to explore the space and our dream of travelling the solar system has really come true. Many space companies are thinking of sending robots to space instead of humans. This would definitely reduce the cost of the mission and also the risk involved in sending humans to space.

Many companies are researching on advanced materials that can be used in aircrafts and spacecrafts. The material needs to be abiding and lighter. We may travel in an aircraft driven by using robots. This is possible in the near future. Making use of artificial intelligence does not mean that many people are going to lose their jobs. This is a mere delusion. Automation will make the work easier and accurate. Work is going on reducing noise generated by an aircraft and the emissions released from it in the environment. Innovation is very necessary to sustain in the market. It is not only relevant to aerospace industry but it also applies to other industries.

Many people are preferring air travel more than road travel in order to avoid the snarl ups and get to the destination on time. So, here is one offbeat concept introduced of flying taxis. This taxi will pick you up and will you able to reach your desired destination on time without any hassle involved. You can book your taxi the way you book your cab. Many countries are working on the fuels used in the aircraft. Because the fuels that we prevalently used cause pollution and they are thinking of making the travel more eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time.

The passengers travelling by plane just want to have their travel in a comfortable way. So, airlines are working their best to make the passengers feel gratified and elated. They are thinking of making middle seat movable with wider space involved within the seats. They complement one more thing like the passengers won’t need to fasten their belts. Like automated seat belt mechanism is installed so that whenever the plane takes off or land it will fasten and unfasten on its own using automated technology.

More emphasis is given is on ameliorating the fuel efficiency which in turn will improve the efficiency of the airplane. Some technologies will diametrically change your idea of towards looking towards an aircraft.

The advanced technologies will make the aircraft look mind-boggling. Artificial intelligence would be rampantly used in this sector which will really transmogrify the industry completely.AI will facilitate our travel and make it more secure. AI will be beneficial to the pilots in avoiding collisions and nifty for weather information, road data, etc. Many aircrafts will involve autonomous system which will make the travel easier.

Many engineers are going to involve virtual reality while designing the aircraft. So, passengers would have a divine experience after travelling. Engineers are striving hard to forge smart planes which would be more interactive.

Virtual reality will give an enriching experience to the passengers. The concept of using electric aircraft will reduce the pollution caused by the operation of a normal aircraft which emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So, this type of technology will really dwindle the pollution level and make the travel more sustainable. Work on electric propulsion is in progress. Have u ever thought of flying an aircraft devoid of fuel.

One prototype of solar powered aircraft called solar impulse is created which utilizes photovoltaic panels without the usage of fossil fuels. The material used is nanocarbon fiber which lowers the weight of the aircraft.

Manufacturing processes and technologies like CNC or 3D printing plays a significant role in the aerospace industry.3D printing technology makes the aircraft very light weight and robust and moreover reduces the cost of manufacturing.

Things like internet of things, machine learning can be utilized in detecting any errors in complex systems. So that the pilot would be cognizant of the problems occurred in the aircraft. AI can apprise the pilot beforehand of the fuel that will be used during climb so that the pilot can preserve the fuel by following the instructions given by AI. AI can anatomize the amount of fuel consumed during climb and can present it to the pilot. Also, it can warn the pilot against any flocks of bird approaching it so that the pilot can change the direction of the plane and thus can avoid any mishap. AI is nifty in designing and manufacturing processes as well. It will help in making parts of the airplane in the most accurate way by making the process less demanding.

Space technology is constantly evolving and implicating more advanced techniques. Innovation is the only key to the development of this technology. NASA is working on astronaut lunar spacesuits which would be light weight and shield them from the uncompromising conditions of the space and astronauts can suitably wear the suit without much trouble.

These space technologies are just boggling and enable us to explore the space and quench our thirst of knowing more about the external world-space. The mankind is on the right track towards space exploration and our(humans) endeavours will certainly bring fruitful outcomes. Have a creative and well-informed mind then nothing is impossible or unrealistic.