MD. FAHEEMUL ISLAM "Drone Technology: Principle, Application and Advancements"


MD. FAHEEMUL ISLAM, UAV systems engineer R&D at Dronix Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai, is delivering a lecture titled “Drone Technology: Principle, Application and Advancements” invited by WINGS OF AERO

Date: 23 May 2021 |Time: 03:30 PM [IST] 

Co-ordinator: Mr. Aravinth

MD. FAHEEMUL ISLAM is UAV systems engineer at Dronix technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

It is a drone product manufacturing company.

Product planning & creating design workflows Assisting in the design, development, integration, optimization & testing of hardware and software Planning, executing tests & associated systems including airframes, electronics and payloads of UAS Frequent troubleshooting, testing and timely deployment of UAS Performing necessary repairs & managing regular maintenance of UAS & its subsystems To research, analyze and improve the performance of UAS & its subsystems Preparing all technical documentation, flight manuals, flights logs and field reports of UAS

Research experience:
I have research and technical experience on drone technology, robotics and mechatronics. I have worked on various projects on prototyping, testing, RnD, manufacturing, designing. I have experience with Mechanical. Electronic and programming which I have used during my projects. I have been a part of many national level technical competition Including national level DRDO competition. I also have a research paper published on international journal ACM. It was an international conference on robotics at IIT Delhi

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