Ganesh Natarajan - ""Bio-Mimetic Technologies for Aerospace"

Ganesh Natarajan

Ganesh Natarajan S, a native of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India. Currently, I am pursuing Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University. Ever since I started studying science in my school days, I realised, I enjoy understanding things from a scientific perspective. I reasonably believe, this somehow further boosted my lively interest towards choosing Aerospace engineering as a career option. My medium of education makes me fluent in English, and my ongoing works in the field of engineering invariably gives me experience.

I am always keen to up-skill myself by learning new things whenever I get a chance. I am a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional in Mechanical Design which helps me to draft in my creative imaginations into innovative design through Computer Aided Design. This then proceeds to computational analysis for obtaining an optimum output.

  • For me Aerospace is all about innovative designs and computational analysis.

  • I have a systematic approach towards things I do. I believe, this helps me to be competent in my filed.

  • My case-based learning emphasis through out my academics makes it really easy to see how the theory has real-life applications, particularly when considering the real life challenges.

  • I do share a strong passion towards research. This enables me to be a better contributor to this society.

What I find extremely attractive being an Aerospace Engineer is that this profession is so demanding, requiring me to be up to date with the advancements. Such a dynamic environment is certainly very exciting, but maybe a little bit stressful too. However, I can multitask and deal with pressure. My strengths are my analytical approach, my innovative touch to the situations, my appreciable communication, and presentation skills. I believe upon being realistic. In my free time, I enjoy blogging, sometimes writing, listening to music, reading, travelling, and playing outdoor sports.

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