Garima Kalra

A Pioneer to Mankind’s Leap beyond Horizon – Garima Kalra

Article by Ms. Garima Kalra

“Every IDEA was once considered a JOKE”

Oh thee!!! What a resplendent caravan of thoughts one can perceive when you get to cherish the adroit down from the core of the past to the upper most crust of the present. Let it be the setting of the firm foundation of aerospace laid by Sir George Cayley or the great Otto Lilienthal of Germany with his wondrous series of gliders. The history itself is testimony to their determination, candour and firm will which made them never to abnegate, no matter how callous the circumstances be on them . Innovation of Aerospace allowed to the sensitive and curious minds of us the beings of Mother Earth that “The sky is not the limit”! People not only dedicated their heavy hours of work ,their sweat, their blood, but also so dedicated to it that never considered it as a project rather their LIFE itself .

The great Otto Lilienthal so fervently embraced the work of gliders in his life that he even sacrificed his very own life for it ! Well such a fearless dedication is really exemplary & awe inspiring. One can also not forget Wernher Von Braun. Actually the name itself says it all. An amazing German who was honoured with American citizenship . He really stands an effigy as being known as the ‘Father of Rocket Technology’ widely in Germany and the USA. They really stand out of the enmeshes as a role model . Centuries back who could imagine that one could have thought of flying crouching the blaze of their colourful imagination in the colossal , white and blank canvas of the sky . This was certainly coloured by the million dreams , imagination & definitely hard work of these gems. Aerospace has never been for the GREATEST to just fly in the sky but always as a ‘leap of mankind into new horizons’.

It is been amazing how aerospace shaped just sketches into reality , reality beyond one would not even ponder. Innovation of Aerospace allowed us to lift up in the sky and then further propel into the space and then who knows may be one day into new horizons!!!

Someone’s years of hardwork can may inspire one in different ways. Just like Otto Lilienthal did to the WRIGHT BROTHERS. These brothers proved to set another milestone and turned themselves immortal and eternal just a like a brook in the golden pages of history . The Aerospace Industry had it all and still is; just like a millennial journey starting from myths with some supernatural powers(like the pushpak vimaan in the Ramayana which fascinated HITLER insanely)& , carried by legends with structures of gliders and planes which even today in fiction does not ends with fairly tale blisses or TONY STARKS extreme aerospace designs ;the Aerospace Industry has it all!!! The innovation of Aerospace industry is the only industry which opened an all new different perspective that allowed us not to bawl or abdicate in the beleaguer but open your wings full of imagination, spirit of integrity & a passion that is never going die! Do not let yourself be affected by the DRAG of negativities ,rather be a pilot ( probably a fighter ) who is not callow but a deft to lift off well.

Innovation of Aerospace did not only gave rise to some amazing engineers but engineers who further became successful ASTRONAUTS. Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on moon ,was also not only a deft fighter pilot but an aerospace engineer before all that. Kalpana Chawla too ,an amazing engineer who sacrificed her life to field of Aerospace as she died in an unfortunate event in the Challenger Space Disaster. But the above and many more never gave their lives in vain to the field of Aerospace , they did this for the mankind and shall eternally live with us in our hearts with benevolence ,warmth ,care and love. One shall never be able to fathom what we have achieved and how far have we come.

But I decided the least I could imagine was just let’s imagine this world without the entire AEROSPACE INDUSTRY for a day!!! Giving this discount to my candour down wrecking in the million dreams ,dreamt from the right neural cortex of my brain (pun intented). I would not shy away from blatantly saying that I was unable colour the blank canvas with my colourful imagination. Here’s why starting right away from the beginning :

As a child a common memory we all share is waving to the airplanes a nice , wavy goodbye. But without the Aerospace Industry no planes could be seen! Well how awfully terrible would that be ,especially for a little five year old sensitive mind.

Here’s another hilarious one: one may find out through various mathematical calculations about the dimensions of planet Earth but without actually peeping out of the exosphere into the outer space who satiate the curiousity of all those who believed and still believe the Earth being flat !!! so I think the Aerospace industry has definitely been of great use to the flat earthers ( major pun intended).

Where would be all those inspiring and aspiring brains who desire to change not only their fate but also the NATION’S fate with their intellect and intelligence; imagining a world without ISRO, NASA or ROSCOSMOS and the greatest minds like Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, Robert Goddard and Elon Musk , even imagining this seems so unfair and callow .

Major cargo shifts, air security and travelling via an aeroplane specially asking for the window seat to experience how it feels to rise above the clouds with a smile beyond words , a smile that would not fade ; honestly seems so imprudent without the Aerospace Industry.

Without the AEROSPACE INDUSTRY who would explore the extra terrestrial, breaking the horizons. Without it no one would aspire for big ,no one will inspire to the big, without it no child will ever dream of becoming a pilot or astronaut without having a memory of waving an airplane. AEROSPACE INDUSTRY allows and supports various other subjects by bringing them to use , without it propulsion, buoyancy , drift and drag shall never be into being and shall never expand the way we think and tell us as I again put up The Beings Of Earth our true importance ,significance and worth.

Hence one cannot deny that AEROSPACE is synonymous to “A PIONEER TO MANKIND’S LEAP BEYOND HORIZON” !!!

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