National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition 2020

organized by

Aeronautical Society of India – Mumbai

Dr. Rajkumar S. Pant, Professor of Aerospace Engineering – IIT Bombay acted as convener for the competition titled “National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition 2020” organized by Aeronautical Society of India – Mumbai Branch.

This is one of the India’s Aerospace Design Competition where teams from all over the country will participate. The competition is well recognised to the students and faculty of aerospace engineering.

Dr. Rajkumar S. Pant – Organizer of NACDEC 2020

The competition of NACDEC 2020 is announced in September 2019. The one year long competition gave opportunity for the students of Aerospace Engineering in the Country to design an aerospace vehicle to overcome required challenges. 

A team can have maximum of 5 students + 1 faculty can participate in NACDEC competition. Only 1 team from 1 institution is allowed to participate in the competition. The role of the faculty mentor is purely administration oriented.

Over 30 institutes from all around India have participated in NACDEC 3 competition. A common problem statement is given for all the teams.

After first, second and third review of 1 year work of all the teams, five teams have reached the finals of the competition which held on 12/09/2020 through online.

Prof. Harinarayana Kota, Prof. Ramachandra Krishnasamy, Prof. TG Pai, Prof. Abhishek, Prof. Sudhagar acted as judges for the final round. After the final presentation of all the designs developed by the final five teams, the winners of NACDEC 2020 is declared at 03.45 PM on the same day.

The first place goes to Team: Abhimanyu 3.0, MVJ College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Team Members: 
Sarthak Deshmukh,
Nehal Kankanawadi,
Patel Amir Abdul,
Shireen Naaz,
Keerthi. GN.

Mentor: Dr.R.Rajasekhar

The second place goes to Team: Durdhara 2.0, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College – Coimbatore

Team Members:
1) Laxman. B (Team Leader)
2) Bhaatre Vishal. S
3) Naveen Lal. G
4) Rishe Aja. S A
5) Sivanamashivayam. S

Team Mentor:
Mr. Sivakumar.R

The third place goes to Team: Agrini, BMS College of Engineering – Bengaluru

1. Sushmitha S (team leader)
2. Aishwarya PS
3. M V Nitya
4. Harshit Bansal
5. Manthra H
Mentor : Snehal U Mandlik and J V Kamesh

After the announcement of results Dr. Rajkumar S. Pant have released the problem statement of NACDEC 2021.

WINGS OF AERO congratulating the winners of NACDEC 2020 and also will support NACDEC 2021 to reach-out with maximum students of  aerospace engineering in the country.