Oldest human flight story in the history of aerospace

According to Greek Myth, the Icarus and Daedalus are the one who flown using wings across an ocean. Daedalus is a king and Icarus is king’s son. Enemy captured both King and Prince and imprisoned in an island.

The King and the Prince collected birds feather, cloths and some wooden materials.

Daedalus designed and fabricated a wing like structure using that they planned to escape from the prison. The king used wax to join all the feathers and wooden structure.

Before flying the king explained to his son not to fly too high as well as not to fly very low. The reason why the king said so is ” Since wax is used it will melt due to sun heat radiation if they fly too high and the water is too cold which they may not able to flap properly if they fly very low”.

On a fine day, both King and Prince tried to escape from the prison, both of them have jumped from towers and flapped their fabricated wing to fly in the air.

At the end Daedalus the King reached the land, where his son Icarus died who has flown too high and the wax melted which made the prince to fall into the ocean.

Although the story is mythical and there are many valid paintings and monuments are still over there to represent the story.

This is one of the oldest human flight story in the history of aerospace.