Opportunity for Professors for sustained Indian Human Space Program and Space Exploration

In the light of Space Sector reforms, the last date for submission of proposals in response to Announcement of Opportunity in Human Space Flight programme is extended till 31 Aug 2020 for wider participation from academia and industry


Development of Technologies for sustained Indian Human Space Program and Space Exploration

1. Introduction
ISRO’s Human Space Program will endeavour to send humans to destinations from low earth orbits and beyond. Human Space Mission requires innovations and creative technologies for space explorations which will lead to widening of scientific knowledge, economic growth, value addition to the quality of life of a common man and thus national development. There is need to build capabilities to derive scientific benefits from ISRO’s Human Spaceflight Program.

There is also a need to establish long term research as well as plan for necessary facilities, human resource developments for optimal utilisations of experimental applications and technological developments for societal usage.
This opportunity will enable national research/academic institutions to harness their expertise and capabilities towards development of technologies for space exploration.

2. Purpose of the AO
Proposals are solicited from national research/ academic institutions for developing affordable and indigenous cutting edge technologies for human survival in low earth orbits and beyond for space exploration.

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