Samarth Patel "Advancements and Careers in Space Industry"

Samarth Patel

Samarth Patel, from Vadodara, Gujarat. Completed my schooling at St. Stephen’s high school, Dahod, Gujarat. Then I completed mine under graduation from Bits Edu campus, Vadodara, Gujarat. Right now, I am pursuing Mtech research in Aerospace propulsion technology from IIAEM, Bangalore along with being the Founder & CEO of a space education company called Indian Space Society. I have a scientific paper published in the IOSR Journal of Applied Physics called Electric Propulsion: Systems Analysis and Potential Application in Space Exploration. Along with this, currently, I am working on preparing 2 more scientific papers on Plasma combustion and Instabilities in Magnetic Nozzle. My career domain is Aero propulsion but my passion extends to Astrophysics. I have also conducted several webinars and online courses along with seminars on the origin of the universe, our solar system, and Mars. I have my own short films made on several topics such as cosmos, space flight, mars, etc under the banner of my digital studio called ‘ Aero Studios ‘ and creative production company called ‘ SP Creative ‘.

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