Wings of Aero 2020 overview

Wings of Aero 2020 overview

Pon Maa Kishan, Founder and Director of WINGS OF AERO have delivered the overview of WINGS OF AERO in 2020.

The official video is released in youtube a day before New Year 2021.

The detailed report is as follows

January 2020

In January 2020, Wings of Aero has published a book titled Aircraft Design Guidebook which was authored by Aishwarya Dhara and my self actually the book was first time presented in IIT Jammu this book is very much helpful to the beginner so those who are beginning their career in designing the aircraft that can be from any  branch apart from aerospace they can be from any branch mechanical or computer science or etc students so if you want to design an aircraft so this book published by Wings of Aero which is very much helpful to understand the basics of aircraft designing and to the advanced skills  which we to know before designing the aircraft so this we have done in January 2020.

February 2020

In February 2020, yeah as the slide shows we didn’t done that much but apart from that we have given gate solution of 2020 and the videos have been uploaded in our youtube channel Wings of Aero youtube channel so the session have been basically done by miss. Aishwarya Dhara and she has explained each and every questions depending upon subject wise from Aero-structures, propulsion, aerodynamics, flight mechanics so that was done in February nothing much about research we have done in 2020.

March 2020

But March 2020, that was one of the wonderful month in the entire year of 2020 because we have represented at ISRO academic meet in Dehradun Indian Institute of Remote Sensing as well as we have also delivered a lecture at IIT Mandi about Hypersonics making since Hypersonic Vehicles are not that much spoken or not that much chosen research topic in India. Only very few, we can count like less than thousand people around that nation is working on Hypersonics so in IIT Mandi we have delivered the lecture about hypersonic vehicles and then you know that we have seen the corona and lockdown right due to covid19.

April 2020

So April 2020, as we understood the development of digital learning platform so our Wings of Aero team has developed a digital learning platform called TEMS Era previously it was known as TEMS academy and it has been renamed to TEMS Era so when we have used the term it stands for Technology, Engineering, Maths and Science so we are focusing on aerospace where we are providing certified courses in aircraft design, aerodynamics, structure and many research oriented subject. So that is one of the biggest achievement we have done in April 2020 and today we are having 14000 thousands users within a six month or seven month we have attained 14000 thousands users not only from our country many part of the world even from U.S and UK as well as from Singapore. So many people have enrolled into our platform and they have started to learn the aerospace science and the feedback we have received from the users it make us more enthusiastic to upgrade the system and till now  we are maintaining the system  in a high cost manner so this is one of  the development  we have  done  and  we have written  two research paper on this particular digital learning platform development so you just google our name you can easily identify the TEMS Era research article on how we have developed and what we are doing, how we have upgraded the platform.

May 2020

So in May 2020, it is month where we have focused on International lecture series since covid19 the students are started to behave like lazy and they are watching movies playing games and of course they are having good entertainment after the covid lockdown but in order to bring them back to the research oriented or to the advanced learning oriented we have taken the initiative to organize the International Scientists and Professors and also we have invited many people from NASA and ISRO, Indian Insititute of Astrophysics, IITs and apart  from that we have invited Professors from University of Bristol and one of the famous Professor Muhammad Sadrey, he delivered the lecture on Aircraft Design advanced UAV system, those lectures have made Wings of Aero to reach into new heights before that many institutions might have tried to bring scientist from NASA so when Wings of Aero has started this International lecture series we have received many collaborative opportunities from various institutions but till now we have not entered into any collaborative work or for collaborative progress by for doing research. We have kept it in the hold surely in the 2021 we will be collaborative with many Academic Institutions.

June 2020

So June 2020, yes the month of June we had another remarkable event. We have invited SpaceX Co-Founder Mr. Jim Cantrell so he had delivered a lecture on Space Systems  to Launch 100 satellites so this was one of interesting topic and we have collaborative this even with Kurukshetra panorama science center and obviously the event was one of the remarkable event in 2020 for Wings of Aero and we have received many appreciations for bringing SpaceX Co-Founder for delivering a lecture in the country. so the next one is apart from having Jim Cantrell we have many scientific people from Switzerland CERN and also we have invited various people from nationwide as well as international professors on this during time during April, May, and June. Also we have invented so nearly 40 plus dignitaries who have delivered lecture and more then 40000 thousands students have enrolled in those lectures.

July 2020

In July 2020, so in order to bring a professional profile book like a social media Facebook, Instagram so we have come up  with an idea to bring those who are research oriented and those who are focusing on research, we have developed a web based applications called Research Meet or TEMS Meet so this we have done in July 2020 apart from that we have also included a new web based application called Airfoil CADbase. so one of our young intern is working on this airfoil base his name is Yagnik Baria, he has already added more than 100 cad files in those in the platform so if you are interested to download the cad files then you can use this Airfoil CADbase platform so this we have done in July 2020.

September 2020

September 2020, 15 interns nearly 15 interns are working under web based applications called TEMS Calculator. So many of us might have done numerical analysis by using hands on calculation we might have done iteration process so while designing an aircraft many mathematical problems or any type of numerical problems we need to follow many step by step by procedures right, so in order to bring that step by step procedure easier right and also to make numeric analysis easier WINGS OF AERO have developed a web based applications called “TEMS calculator” and our interns near about 15 interns namely like Mohan Kumar, Chandan Singh, and Irfan Mujafar and many people are there, they are developing TEMS calculated day by day actually we would like to release the official statement about TEMS calculator by today but unfortunately we don’t have enough data to release the TEMS calculator officially today so will be releasing and the dates will be announced soon but this one of the important web based application not only for Wings of Aero it will be very much helpful for each and every students, scientists, professors to develop and to understand the numerical analysis.

October 2020

So October 2020, World Space Week was there so we have organized Seven Day programme with the National Council of Science Museum collaboration Kurukshetra Panorama Science Center  we have explained about international space station, we have explained hypersonic vehicle, we have about nasa’s open source softwares and also we have developed and application android applications called LOCATE ISS, so will help us to identify the location of international space station surely you can download from google play-store and you can have look apart from locating the internal space station you can also watch the live streaming of how the earth looks from international space station.

November 2020

So you can give a try for that so in November 2020, again we have entered into web development so we have developed a TEMS shop it is our digital platform which will have the 3D printer models Lithophane and other products developed by Wings of Aero and still it is under development so we have not yet announced about this TEMS shop so surely we will upload a detail about the platform soon by the end of the march will be announcing that.

December 2020

In December 2020, we understood and we have learned many things from the year 2020 we have also have collaborated with AICTE to provide internship for the students and we have done many things like developing Hypersonic Vehicles focusing on Space Capsules, how to design space capsule and we have done various model designing also apart from that we are working on UDAN scheme of Govt. of India also to design an aircraft for 20 to 30 seater passenger. We have seen that trustworthy people trust and also the people like those who will be together as a team even in failures and also we have seen betrayal of a team member but surely we will be coming up with a good  research oriented programs in 2021 we are focusing on 3d printing technology, we are focusing on aircraft design aerospace vehicle design and also we are focusing on hypersonic vehicles in the 2021 we are also taking interns so if your really interested in doing AICTE internship so surely you can join with our team and with this I would like to end the review of 2020.

We thank our supporters and We wish you all a Happy New Year 2021


Wings of Aero surely we wish you a happy new year and wish you all the success in 2020.