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Deflection at Free end of the beam

The movement of a beam or node from its original position due to the forces and loads being applied to the member is called deflection.

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Shear Strain for Two Dimensional material

Shear strain is the ratio of the change in deformation to its original length perpendicular to the axes of the member due to shear stress.

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Drag of Bypassed Air

The bypass air is actually what gives the jet engine most of its thrust. As the air enters the engine, some of it goes to the turbine core and runs the whole engine.

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Disk Thermal Stress in Radial Direction

It is mechanical stress created by any change in the temperature of a material. In general, the greater the temperature change, the higher the level of stress that can occur.

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Rotor Airfoil Centrifugal Stress

considerable magnitude is induced in the supercharger impeller by reason of the high rotational speeds necessary to obtain the desired pumping effect.