Become a Project Contributor

Interested to contribute to the project? then join with WINGS OF AERO

Training Time Period: 6 months

Your Roles and Responsibility:

1] Need to create numerical formula on daily basis.

2] Verify the numerical formula.

3] Need to submit a detailed report at the end of training period.


a] The award will be announced during TEMS Conference.

b] The maximum number of numerical formula created by one will be considered as winner of Best Contributor Award in that specialization.

c] The award will be provided by Eminent Scientist from National or International Organization.

Benefits for projector contributors:

1] A book with International Standard Book Number [ISBN] will be published with your Name, Photo and Designation.

2] Contribution will be appreciated during TEMS Conference.

3] Contributor can compete with other contributors for Best Contributor Award.

4] Published articles, books will be shared with Eminent Scientists, Professors from International and National

5] Special Issue will be shared to Ministry of Science, DST, CSIR, DRDO, ISRO, IIT and Other Scientific Organizations.

6] Every contributor will get certificate and details of contributor will be shared with 3 Lakh Followers of WINGS OF AERO.