Distance covered by aircraft calculator(during transition phase) by K.Prakashbalan

 Distance covered of an aircraft(S)=W(V2^2-V1^2)/2g(T-D)

W – Weight of aircraft in newton

V1- Take off (or)Initial velocity in m/s

V2 – Final velocity in m/s

g – Acceleration due to gravity = 9.81ms^-2

T – Thrust force in newton

D – Drag force in newton

During Transition phase, the aircraft changes the direction of flight &n its speed would increase from V1 to V2.

Generally V1 lies between (1.15 to 1.2)Vs and V2 is (1.05 to 1.1)V1.

Vs is stalling speed in steady level flight at W = W at takeoff & CL = CL at takeoff