Drag-Divergence Mach Number Calculator

{\displaystyle M_{\text{dd}}+{\frac {1}{10}}c_{l,{\text{design}}}+{\frac {t}{c}}=K,}


Mdd is the Drag-Divergence Mach Number

Cl(design)  is the Coefficient of Lift of a specific section of the Airfoil

is the Airfoil Thickness at a given section

c is the Chord Length at a given section

K is a Factor established through CFD Analysis


K = 0.87 for Conventional Airfoils (6 series)

K = 0.95 for Supercritical Airfoil

Drag-Divergence Mach Number is the Mach Number at which the Aerodynamic drag on an Airfoil or Air-frame begain to increase Rapidly.

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