Composite Material - Training


WINGS OF AERO provides state of art advance training in the emerging field. Composite Material is one of the most important feature which will help the future engineering to make light weight component with good strength. In consideration to that WINGS OF AERO have come up to train the young generation in Fabrication of Composite Mold.


The structure is forever changing with the help of Composite Material. So you will learn to fabricate models with the help of Composite Material.

Who can join:

Students from any science and engineering background.

Type of Training: Self Financed

Contribution Fee: Indian Nationals – Rs. 6,000

Duration: 6 Months | New Batch starts 1st week of every month

Mode: Online

Materials will be provided at Door Step

For query: mail to (or) call us at +91 8667454155

Day 1: Introduction Hands on Practise for making larger size polyester resin molds using

1] ISO polyester resin

2] Polyester gelcoat-Red C

3] Cobalt accelerator and MEKP catalyst 

4] Fiberglass 300gsm Chopped strand mat 39″x50″

5] Mold release wax

6] PVA mold release

7] 5 x 1″ brush